Jack Kincaid is a writer, voice actor, actor, sound designer, musician, filmmaker, audio drama producer, and programmer, among other things. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication – Video Production/Film with a minor in Film Studies and an additional capstone film project in the Visual Arts & New Media Department at The State University of New York at Fredonia. He is currently a Media Production MFA student at The University at Buffalo. His research interests include media study, spatial audio, stereo imaging, sound design, psychoacoustics, postmodernism, expressionism, noir, psychophysics, psychology, neurology, music composition, music theory, musicology, multimodality, emulated synesthesia, and film theory.

Founder of Slipgate Nine Entertainment, he is the creator and post-producer of the modern styled audio drama, Edict Zero – FIS, a science fiction cyberpunk series, now in its Sixth Season, that he has cultivated since 2010. In addition to the Edict Zero – FIS series, he is now developing stand-alone feature-length audio dramas whose stories take place in the Edict Zero universe.

A diverse voice actor with a theatrical background, Jack has played a multitude of roles in his Slipgate 9 endeavors, as well as in other audio dramas, such as 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Campfire Radio Theater, Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind, and other shows.

His story narration work can be found in such places as Lightspeed Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, and in the first two volumes of The Apocalypse Triptych audio book series, which he also professionally post-produced. His music has also been used in the before-mentioned podcasts, as well as in “The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy” podcast and various book trailers and other promotions.

From October 2012 to February 2021, Jack was the host of the Nightmare Magazine podcast. There he worked with post-producer Jim Freund (Host of Hour of the Wolf on WBAI-FM in New York) and Skyboat Media, the most respected independent audio production team on the west coast. He also served as host for Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine in their early years.

As an actor, he has appeared in a number of short films from indie film production companies, including ‘Production House 45’. The traditional short film, “Choices”, that he directed in 2017 was featured in the Film & Her Film Festival. He has completed several experimental films as a student that have been shown at public screenings and even integrated into installations, including “53”, “Entity X”, and “The Strange Case of Doctor Barron”. He continues his film work on the side of his other endeavors now that his studies focus more heavily on audio drama and audio production.

As a writer, he has had a handful of stories published in such venues as Insidious Reflections Magazine, Surreal Magazine, the paperback anthology ‘Exit Laughing’ from Hellbound Books, and Nightmare Magazine. He was also a novelist with many books under his belt as a horror author, none of which are currently available.

Under the handle of ‘Mindcrime’, he is also known as a machinima pioneer with his early work, “The Seal of Nehahra”, a three-plus hour machinima piece that was released in 2000 with a multi-episode game add-on for Id Software’s Quake that he spearheaded while serving as game code programmer, sound designer, and sometimes 3D animator.

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